First appearing as a tabloid publication and then as an agenda, Comix has conquered the hearts of entire generations of youngsters. It has also served as a springboard for the careers of enormously popular comedians. Comix is Italy's best–selling school agenda – and has been for years!

The first issue of the Comix comic magazine, Comix – Il giornale dei fumetti hit the newsstands on 7th March 1992. The magazine ran until 1997. Published by Franco Cosimo Panini Editore, this periodical ushered in such popular personalities as Daniele Luttazzi and Fabio Fazio. Comix provided a venue for the work of many very well known comedians and other showbiz personalities, such as Alessandro Bergonzoni, Gene Gnocchi, Bruno Lauzi, Paolo Hendel, Jovanotti, Francesco Guccini and the trio 'Aldo, Giovanni e Giacomo'. The magazine also included the works of brilliant cartoon and comic strip artists, such as Altan, Bill Watterson, Bonvi, Cinzia Leone, Disegni & Caviglia, Gary Larson, Jacovitti, Schulz, Silver and many more. The first agenda – a Comix spinoff – was issued in 1994. It was called "Il meglio di Comix" (the best of Comix), inspired by the material that had appeared in the tabloid over the previous year. The Comix agenda, too, became very popular – reflecting the magazine's own impressive track record – and has since attained an absolute leadership position (with a print run of more than 1,300,000 in 2011). But Comix means more than just an agenda. Comix is also a school and free time products line. The products are manufactured and distributed by Franco Panini Scuola.

With its comic writings, jokes and cartoon content, Comix has attained truly "cult" status among junior and senior secondary school students.

agenda comixBecause it's so irreverent, so 'free and easy', the agenda has even become a 'status symbol' among junior and senior secondary school students, with its special feature articles and jokes, and its surreal interviews with top personalities from the worlds of music, show business and sport. The comic strips, or strip cartoons, include Calvin and Hobbes (Bill Watterson), Grimmy (Mike Peters) and Nirvana (Roberto Totaro).

The Comix online community counts more than 80,000 youngsters who, in their hundreds, provide comments daily, or submit their own original comic material.

comix is the Comix online community. thrives on the input and feedback received from its more than 80,000 members. The site is a goldmine for comedy. Users can publish or comment on jokes, photos, videos and quotes. The idea is (most definitely) fun for the sake of fun. Of course, the content must be the contributor's own original unpublished work. stimulates creativity among girls and boys of all ages. There are competitions and awards, and the best items may even end up on the pages of the following year's Comix agenda! The community, which can be accessed by all mobile devices, has more than 250,000 devoted Facebook followers.

Comix Master is a series of lessons–cum–shows dedicated to the art of comedy, organised by Comix in junior secondary schools and at Turin's book fair, Salone del Libro di Torino. All events are attended by famous comedians.

comix masterThe Comix Master courses have been held for some years now. Comix Master is a series of events organised by Comix in junior secondary schools and at the book fair in Turin. Comix Master is a learning experience, targeting senior secondary school students. The idea is to reveal the 'nuts and bolts' of comedy also through first–hand accounts provided by professionals in the field. These lessons–cum–shows run the full gamut of the resources of the language of comedy – anagrams, onomancy, acrostics, palindromes and so forth – to unveil the light side of Italian speech forms. The latest Comix Master editions were attended by comedians such as Baz (Colorado Cafè), Maurizio Lastrico (Zelig and Colorado Cafè), Angelo Pintus (Colorado Cafè), Flavio Oreglio (Zelig and Colorado Cafè), Fabio De Luigi (Mai dire goal and Love Bugs), and Natalino Balasso.

Comix publishes all Bill Watterson's Calvin & Hobbes strips, with the brilliant adventures of that lovable little terror of a child called Calvin, and his ragdoll tiger, Hobbes.

calvin & hobbesCalvin & Hobbes is one of the most popular comic strips in the world. Created by Bill Watterson in 1985, Calvin & Hobbes first appeared in America's dailies. Thanks to the intelligence of Watterson's personal brand of humour, the series immediately made a name for itself also among adults. The dialogue between Calvin, a little terror of a child (but lovable and sensitive too...) and his trusty playmate, a ragdoll tiger called Hobbes (animated by Calvin's own irrepressible imaginative powers), is peppered with acute, surprisingly thought–provoking reflections on society and humanity in general.