Our link with the world of collector's cards has been revived through two major publishing projects: the Enciclopedia del Calcio Italiano (Encyclopaedia of Italian Football) and the catalogues of the Museo della Figurina (Collector's Card Museum).

The name, Panini, has always been associated in people's minds with collector's cards. After the ownership change in 1989, the well-known company founded in Modena by the Panini brothers is still a leading company worldwide in this sector. For its part, Franco Cosimo Panini Editore celebrates the old company's history in its books dedicated to collector's cards. These are collection volumes for the fans of the Italian, World and Euro soccer championships (Enciclopedia del Calcio Italiano, World Cup and Euro Cup), with all Panini albums, and catalogues for Museo della Figurina exhibitions.

All Panini's collector's cards from 1960 to the present day, reproduced together in an Encyclopaedia for the true collector. The dream of every football fan has come true!

enciclopedia del calcioThe Enciclopedia Panini del Calcio Italiano includes full colour reprints of all the Panini collector's card albums dedicated to Italian football published to date. The work is made up of 13 volumes, with a hitherto unpublished album dedicated to the championship matches of 1960-61, and an index volume. Marino Bartoletti provides a 16-page introduction to each volume with a chronicle of the most important soccer events of the periods considered.

World Cup and Euro Cup host all the Panini collector's card albums dedicated to the World and Euro Cup football championships – two editorial projects of great interest to true collectors!

world cup e euro cupOn the strength of the successful Enciclopedia del Calcio Italiano, Franco Cosimo Panini Editore decided to publish two collector's works entirely dedicated to – as the names indicate – the World Cup and the Euro Cup. The World Cup collection is made up of two volumes with all the Panini collector's card albums dedicated to this championship, from Mexico 1970 through to South Africa 2010. Euro Cup brings together the European championship collection, ordered by country, from the 1980 edition (taking place in Italy) to the latest edition of 2008 (Switzerland and Austria).

Franco Cosimo Panini Editore publishes the catalogues of the exhibitions held at the Museo della Figurina in Modena. The Museo della Figurina is the first, and only, collector's card museum in Italy.

museo della figurinaThe Museo della Figurina, founded in 2006, soon became one of the most popular attractions of the city of Modena. The museum exhibits hundreds of collector's cards, old and new, collected over a lifetime by Giuseppe Panini, who, with his brothers, founded the Panini company. The collection was then donated to the Municipality of Modena. Alongside the permanent collection, the museum also organises temporary exhibitions on varying themes. All the catalogues are published by Franco Cosimo Panini Editore.