Franco Cosimo Panini Editore has been working for the pleasure and delight of its very youngest readers for more than two decades. The publishing house specialises in books for the very young.

We published our first children's books in 1991 under the Franco Panini Ragazzi brand. The publishing activities were then taken over by Franco Cosimo Panini Editore, whose logo is artistically modified by the authors producing our editorial lines. The catalogue focuses on works targeting the 0-8 age range. Our books are designed to stimulate children and bring them into contact with a world of fun and discovery, and with reading and the written word as a shared part of children's daily lives from the very first months of life.

Pimpa, the pup with red spots, is extremely popular with kids. Pimpa publications include stories, game and colouring books, DVDs, a monthly magazine and iPad applications.

pimpaSince 1994, a considerable part of the catalogue has been dedicated to Pimpa, the pup with the red spots (created by the brilliant cartoonist, Francesco Tullio Altan). Pimpa has conquered the hearts of two generations of children. Pimpa's tender innocence and meekness sum up, in a certain sense, what it means to be a child. Her curiosity and wonder at life pervade the catalogue.
Our broad range of publications covers various fields. Smaller children will find stimulating game books, large- and small-format 'child-proof' cardboard books, simple stories, activities-based albums and books with DVDs. Pimpa is also a monthly magazine with a host of stories, special feature articles and activities. Pimpa has also 'gone digital', with iPad applications specially designed for the very young, including interactive games and host of special features.

Giulio Coniglio (Giulio the rabbit), the character created by Nicoletta Costa, was winner of the Andersen 2010 award. Giulio Coniglio is the main character of books for children of all ages, and a very popular monthly magazine.

giulio coniglioThe wonderful Giulio Coniglio was created by Nicoletta Costa in 2001. Meekly timid, Giulio Coniglio is a warm-hearted rabbit, always ready to make new friends. He lives in a wood. With their strikingly individual traits, his chums and playmates are perfect companions for a rabbit like Giulio Coniglio! The simply written stories appear in cardboard books (various formats) specially designed for use by children. The products include game books, colouring books and stories. The brief, immediately understandable texts are suitable for children discovering the printed word for the very first time, while younger infants can 'read' the wonderful illustrations. The Giulio Coniglio monthly includes creative, fun activities and amusing adventures, special feature articles and inserts. Giulio Coniglio won the Andersen award in 2010 as best character.

Zerotre publications are designed for the 0-3 age range. Zerotre accompanies children from home and cradle to infants' school.

zerotreThe Zerotre range of publications accompanies children from the home and cradle to infants' school. These products encourage parents to read out loud, and share books with their children. The series is immediately recognisable: the white background of the die-cut cover is an 'open invitation' to look within. There are three formats. Each communicates the essence of the book. The small format is an invitation to play with the materials. Our small-format, cloth, plastic and light cardboard products are experiential books, which the smallest of children will feel perfectly at ease with. We chose the medium-format for our narrative books, with special attention paid to the rhythm and sound of the words. This approach fosters the practice reading out loud, and interaction between the reader and the child, who looks on and listens. The large-format stimulates interaction with the book itself (an album which can be personalised, a book with CD music).

The ZEROTRE line won the Andersen award in 2009 as best publishing project.

Surprising pop-up books and books displaying a refined approach to graphic design: small masterpieces capable of evoking emotions in readers of all ages.

pop-upThe Libri ad Arte section features surprising pop-up books, displaying a refined approach to graphic design. The section also hosts projects developed through team work with professional children's theatre companies. Playing with forms, figures, colours, words, in perfect freedom. Personalities from the theatre world tried the formula out, and, as they worked on these truly unique projects, they soon discovered the 'child within'. Some played with colour. Others with words. All chose the book medium as a conduit for their creative impulses. The books transmit this spirit to children. Books as a playmate – as a friendly presence, capable of surprising the child, stimulating the child's imaginative powers, and drawing the child into its own special world.

The various other series act on a number of levels – tactile tales, artist-illustrated publications, divulgation, use of games to stimulate learning.

storie e scoperteChildren are born learners and explorers. Curiosity leads them on to discovery, knowledge and experience. Our catalogue has two sections – narrative and divulgation – which, while differing, are nevertheless complementary. These works have been designed to accompany children as they grow.
The narrative section features books targeting the 3-8 age range. The Le Fiabe da toccare (tales you can touch) series was designed for infants. Le due Lune a colori (the two coloured Moons) and Le Lune Magiche (the magic Moons) were designed for the very earliest reading stages. Illustrati d'autore (artist-illustrated works) and Le immagini della fantasia (the images of imagination) are illustrated albums with material for readers who are already more familiar with the written word.
The divulgation section is made up of books which use games to stimulate learning. This section is divided into four series: Il mondo da toccare (a world to touch) designed to foster knowledge through sensorial experience; Apri gli occhi (open your eyes) for discovery through photography; Come Nasce (as it's born) for learning through games; and Giocare, fare, scoprire (play, do, discover) designed to encourage experimentation and experience.